Two way SMS
How It Works?
  Two way SMS

Included in every paid SMSRoaming account, is the opportunity to receive replies to your SMS message. You'll use complete features of SMSRoaming Inbox which has complete features just like your Hotmail,Yahoo or Gmail account.

SMS Roamaing offers you a Two Way Messaging platform which allows you to receive SMS, besides sending SMS. This allows you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages. You can modify/alter, delete and block these received messages as per your need. Check out our complete Features.

This facility is available to all our users registered with us. The Two-way SMS feature works using a 'user-name” as identifier of your messages. The user-name must be 5 characters long. You can choose the user-name while registration, this user-name cannot be changed. So be careful before selecting it.


Direct SMS from Mobile:

Now you can be direct with your contacts. Go to Direct SMS link in my account or contacts page and send an offer to your contact. Once he/she accept your direct sms option then everytime he/she send sms to SMS Roaming number as normal sms without writing username and you'll receive it on your mobile and inbox. So virtually you are owning SMS Roaming numbers all around the world. Isn't great feature? :)

SMS from Mobile:

Your unique username is your identification and whenever you send sms to anyone sms always goes with your username.Now if someone wants to send you sms or want to reply your sms.This user-name needs to be used in the format, while sending SMS from mobile

Format: user-name Message (<user-name> <space> Message)

Example: Johny Hello how are you doing?

In above example "Johny" is the user-name and after space message starts.

Messages in the above format should be sent to our dedicated number.


Mobile 2 Mobile SMS:

Now you can send SMS to your contacts from mobile as well instead of logging on Website or mobile or Desktop application.

You must add your contacts and groups in your account first.

  1. You make an account on website.
  2. You add your contacts and make groups in your Inbox.
  3. Now you want to send sms to your contact from Mobile.
  4. write sms <space><First Name of Contact><Message> and send to SMSRoaming number from Your mobile.
  5. You want to send sms to your group.
  6. write smsg <space><Group Name><Message> and send to SMSRoaming number from Your mobile.


  1. sms john how r u buddy?how is Canada?    -------->   john is the contact which you added in your account.
  2. sms christina Love you baby :)                         ---------> christina is the c ontact which you added in  your account.


  1. smsg friends how r you guys?i'm having fun in Queensland       --------->  friends is the group which you created in your account.
  2. smsg family how is everyone?i'm missing you all.                         ----------> family is the group which you created in your account.

Just write help and send sms to SMSRoaming number and you'll get sms with all the formats.

Our Dedicated Numbers:

+923324769688 (For Pakistan)

We Provide UK & Pakistan Long Number base Two-Way SMS Service.
(From All around the World)


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