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Send Text Messages To mobile phone free


Sending text message to mobile is very common in present life. People prefer to send text and keep themselves in contact with their friends and family. Especially youngsters are very fond to send text messages to mobile of their friends.

Students and youngsters are all time looking for something in cost which will support their limited pocket money, meanwhile they want to send text messages to mobile of their friends and family without any delay. So is the ideal platform to keep them align with their contacts. is charging cheapest rates to send text messages to mobile. Now subscribers can send text messages to mobile not only in Pakistan but also in rest of the world (more than 200 countries).

Many mobile phone companies are offering to packages to send text messages to mobile. But these packages are just on local basis (with in the country) and if you want to send text messages to mobile internationally then these packages does not work. Simply to send text messages to mobile on international numbers you have to pay charges per each sms and price of that each sms could be five times greater than the price of local sms. So it is exceptionally difficult for teenagers and youngsters to send text messages to mobile on international numbers in limited pocket money. has taken over all their issues. Now once they subscribe on they can send text massages to mobile in very economical charges. They can send text messages to mobiles on local and international. They can activate the any one of the package on monthly basis (containing number of text messages) or they can use this service without package mean money will be deducted from their account for each sms they will send. These packages are as follows

Pay month by month = 5$

4 month pay = 18$

6 month pay = 25$

12 month pay = 50$

These are ideally perfect for individuals and business entrepreneur.

Meanwhile if you subscribe to you can not only send text messages to mobile but also you can enjoy interesting privileges. You cansend text messages to mobiles on two-way basis. Mean you can also receive messages from your contacts if they want to reply you. All these messages will be logged in your account. You can read them later once you would have enough time to glimpse into your sweet memories. Also you can have option to send text messages on international numbers in any country. It will cost you same, no different or hidden charges. You can block unwanted numbers to send text messages to you it will not charge you extra. Meanwhile you can send text messages to mobiles of any kind, iphone, blackberry or any simple mobile which will have internet access ( to avail two way messaging) . so don’t go for any other simply go for and enjoy it.