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Send Text Messages From Computer


Since the information technology and science has gained great progress, so having a access to internet is very easy for every common person. People are getting benefit from IT almost in every field of life. Sending a text message from computer through internet is one of them.

Its very common for and individual and a business man to send free text message from computer/ internet for their business purpose and personal is offering free facility to its subscriber sending free sms from computer or mobile in a very economical rates. Now if you are sitting anywhere in world and have maintained your account on, you can send free text message from your computer in Pakistan and in rest of the world.

Many people prefers to send text message from their computer. Because it is cheap in price to send text message from computer rather than sending through your mobile network. Meanwhile range of sending text from computer is much greater than your mobile network. Because your mobile company may not have access or sms delivery issues in other countries especially when we talk about international sms message. but sending text message from computer is not facing such issues.

They charge you same price whether you are sending national or international sms message, on the other hand mobile network providers charge you different for different locations like they have different rates for local messages and international messages. So sending text message from computer has much better scope than other mobile networks.

In present time life is too much busy and fast. No one can compromise on matters like “time” “price” and “quality”. If some is providing you service of sending text message from your computer and this service carries issues like high price , lesser scope, low quality and long time to deliver sms then of course you will not go for it because you will not compromise on getting away from your love ones and your own. have resolved this issue. Now you can send text message from your computer to your friends and family anywhere in the world. in the platform which is using two way sms sending facility for its subscribers. Many others sites are offering sending free sms from web to mobile only but we ( are offering free two- way text sending option to our subscribers. If you have subscribed for your account on our site then you can send free text message from computerand receive unlimited free sms from that person in your account.

All of your messages which you sent and received are logged in your account. It is another incentive for our clients that they need not to worry about messages if their mobile is lost because all of messages are saved in their account. you are free to retrieve them.

In view of the fact that the IT as well as science has acquired magnificent development, as a result getting an entrée to internet is extremely trouble-free for each ordinary individual. Folks are enjoying advantage from IT nearly in all disciplines of verve. Conveying a text message from computer via internet is in the midst of them. It is extremely frequent for a person as well as an entrepreneur to send free text message from computer in support of their commerce objectives as well as individual utilization. is the web site which presents free service to its users sending free text using PC otherwise cell phone in extremely inexpensive charges. At present if you are placing anyplace inside globe as well as have preserved your financial credit on, you are able to send free text message from computer within Pakistan as well as in the entire world. 
Lots of folks have a preference sending text via their PC for the reason that it is inexpensive in charges to send text message from computer more willingly than conveying via your cell phone set-up. In the meantime extent of conveying message from PC is much better than your cellular phone complex for the reason that your cellular phone corporation possibly will not get entrée otherwise sms sending matters in various countries particularly at the time we have a discussion in relation to worldwide sms text. On the contrary, sending text via PC is not coping with such matters. For them you need to pay similar charges whether you are conveying public otherwise worldwide message, in contrast cellular phone set-up sources ask you to pay distinctive for dissimilar places for example they require dissimilar charges for regional texts as well as worldwide texts. As a result, sending messages via PC has much improved opportunity than added cellular phone set-ups. 
Currently, life is above full of activity as well as quick. Not a soul is able to find the middle ground on issues similar to “time” “cost” as well as “class”. If anyone is offering you facility of sending message by using your PC in addition to this amenity involves matters similar to excessive cost, less significant opportunity, substandard quality as well as prolonged time to send sms in that case certainly you will not opt for it for the reason that you will not find the middle ground on escaping from your beloved as well as your personal. has put an end to this matter. At this time you are capable of sending text by using your PC to your pals furthermore to family unit or relatives anyplace inside the world. is the stand which is bringing into play two mode sms dispatching service for its users. Lots of various sites are presenting the facility of sending gratis text from web on the way to cellular phone just on the contrary we ( are affording you with without charge two- mode message delivery selection to our clients. If you are going to subscribe intended for your account at our web site it follows that you are capable of carrying out the act of transmitting the text from PC but at no cost. 
Every part of your text messages which you transmitted as well as got are recorded inside your account. It is one more motivation for our customers that they must not to be anxious concerning messages when they lose cellular phone for the reason that the entire of texts are kept in safe hands inside their account; you are released to get your messages back without any difficulty.