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I know it is very charming to send sms to your friends and family in routine. Sending sms has taken very important place in our lives.

Since mobile phone network has grown. Mobile phones network is spread almost every part of world covering deserts, gigantic mountains and landscapes.

Every one prefers to use mobile phones for communication. Now trends are changed a bit. People prefer to send sms rather making calls.

Just think about the time when mobile phone companies used to charge too much for making a call or send sms, even if you are doing it with in your own network.

But now people are wiser than before, they would not stop sending sms rather they would go for cheap rates.

Now people used to send sms for free from website. is the platform which gives you rights to send sms not only in Pakistan but also you can send sms in more than 200 countries.

You can send sms with two-way features. There are still very rare firms which are offering this feature to send sms in two-way.

Now if you are account holder and subscriber you can send sms to your desired number anywhere in world in more than 200 countries. Not only send sms you can receive it from others. has great offers for individuals and businesses. Especially the per month options to send sms are very suitable. We have designed them keeping in view all kind of requirements.

Business entrepreneur can send sms in double size. Remember it, is offering double sized sms. Now you can send sms with 300 characters; no other site or mobile phone network is offering sms length more than 160 characters. So if you subscribe on you cansend sms with double sized character support.

It is very clear that we ( feel the demand of our users. We are offering space to save your sms. Now if you send sms you need not to worry about to the saving. It will be auto saved in your sent box. Meanwhile if someone sends sms to you it will be saved in your inbox. Also before yousend sms you can edit it or delete it or rewrite it.

Each send sms will cost you 7.5cents. It s very cheap in cost, mean much better than mobile phone networks because they charge you “roaming charges” for international sms and calls.

So hurry up and create your personal account on