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Send Sms For Free


Sending Text from mobile is very common. Almost every mobile network is providing with this service. People prefer to text rather than making calls. The popularity of sending messages could be known from a number of factors. One would be of course the cost factor. SMS are much cheaper than calls in cost.

Many sites are offering free sms for their subscribers but they have some limitations like different rates for local and international sms, more charges if the receiver is from any other network and the different sms packages they offer have limited time span (mean all the packages have to expire in limited time, i.e. 15 or 30 days, whether you utilized it or not). So this slogan of “send sms for free” is somehow useless for subscribers.

Smsroaming.com has different thoughts for its subscribers. Now we are offering facility to our subscriber to send sms for free in Pakistan and in more than 200 countries round the world.

Sms has made handsome place in our life, it does not matter which age you belong. You will avail this cost saving factor to send sms for free to communicate with your friends and family members.

For international sms mobile phone companies have more charges than local sms charges beside that the text size is 160 characters which is too less. Eventually subscribers have to cross many barriers to communicate internationally. Once you subscribe on smsroaming.com then you can send sms for free in Pakistan and in rest of the world without having any barrier. Along with that you would have the surety of reaching the sms to ultimate receiver without any delay.

Many sites are promoting slogan of send sms for free, it is very rare that the service they are offering is up to the mark. Mostly receivers do not get your sent messages in time. Mean while they are just promoting it “send sms for free” they are not providing services as per your needs. You cannot see retrieve the sms you send for free. Also you do not have the rights of saving your sms (all received and sent) you cannot receive sms from other person on your site because they are offering just one way messaging. Even you cannot block any unwanted number from whom you don’t want to receive sms. Simply they are not providing you with services, just promoting their slogan send sms for free nothing more.

If you log on smsroaming.com then you will find this slogan send sms for free in real sense. We are not just promoting send sms for free, we are indeed providing unique offers to our subscribers.

Once you subscribe to smsroaming.com then privileges like send sms for free with in Pakistan and others countries worldwide. You can maintain your account on it. It will give you free access from anywhere in world. We are offering two way sms sending facility, now you can send sms for free to others and can also receive their replies. Not only this you would have right to save, edit and delete free sms. You can block the unwanted sms senders to send you sms and lots more.