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Would you like to recommend Sms Roaming to your customers, colleagues, or business partners? Are you an IT consulting firm, web consultant, industry association or Sms Roaming enthusiast ready to earn money recommending the world’s most flexible mobile communications service?

Join now and start a publicity campaign in over all the countries around the world. It’s simple‚Ķrecommend Sms Roaming to colleagues, friends, business partners, or customers. When they sign up as Sms Roaming customers you’ll receive a commission equal to 10% of their first month’s subscription and will continue to receive an additional 10% as long as the user stays active.


* Monthly recurring revenue on all plans
* Print & Web marketing materials to help you publicitize.
* End-user support for all paid plans (phone, email and help tickets)
* White label, custom branded solutions available


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