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All new facebook application and features

October, 2010


Now access all features of SMS Roaming from your Facebook account.
Yes! Login to your facebook account and send sms using Facebook application without logging to SMS Roaming account.

Facebook Application :
Facebook Video:

This is one of the best feature till now.SMS Roaming is launching soon lots of new and more exciting features.

Share this great feature with your friends and family and get free credit from SMS Roaming!

We really value our customers!
SMS Roaming - Social Messaging Service.


Sms Reseller Panel Introducted

September 29th, 2010



We have prepared SMS Reseller Panel for you.(


1. You don't need to mention our company name anywhere on the panel or in the SMS.
2. A complete separate database and deduction system accessed by dedicated IP.
3. Create a sub domain on your CPanel and point it to
4. Your users will login to your mentioned sub domain and will use our services through you.
5. You need to contact us for creating any account with any sender id and the price which you want to be fixed for that user.
6. Credit Expiry is on monthly basis now and contact us for better Reseller prices.

We Value Our Customers!
SMS Roaming - Social Messaging Services!

Another Exciting Feature - Branded SMS

  1. SMS Roaming has launched another very exciting feature "BRANDED SMS".

    Yes now you can send sms to your loved ones with our pre-defined SMS Masking names like "I LOVE YOU","EID MUBARAK" etc.

    So when you choose this option in Compose page then your SMS will go with the choosen branded SMS name instead of your or SMS Roaming number.

    It's not rep liable messages but a great way to entertain your family and friends.

    You can also suggests us your suggestive branded SMS names which we can add in the list if we feel it interesting.

    I hope you'll keep enjoying our gr8 services with exciting features which we keep launching and making our service one of the best online SMS service.

    We Value Our Customers!
    SMS Roaming - Social Messaging Service

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All new voucher codes and special discounts

January 20th, 2010


Refer about sms roaming to your friends on your social networks and get free sms discount coupon codes and vouchers.


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