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Free International Sms


As the word SMS stands for (Short Message Service) and commonly known as ‘text’ or ‘text messaging’. Since the technology has gained progress, SMS is very common in our life and playing a vital role in our communication. It has taken important place it is the easiest and fastest way to communicate among friends and family either from mobile or via the internet because mobile phones are on the palm of every next person.

Now a days sending international sms through web is very common but is the first which is offering free international SMS having character length up to 300. We are offering free international SMS in more than 200 countries. Now you can send free international sms from Pakistan or from any country to anywhere you want.

Once you log on to and subscribe for account, you can enjoy the free international sms and many more privileges which are somehow unique in our site like two way SMS. You can send as well as receive messages in your account. 

Your account will have all those features which any mobile phone offers like inbox, out box, delete, Edit text, and also you can block receiving messages from any unwanted number. You also need to know that other mobile phone companies are charging for activating number blocking service is offering it free in its package.

After subscribing for your account on you can enjoy free international sms around the world.

Many companies are offering free international sms but they are not reflecting what their words if we compare them with the services they offer.

If you send free international sms from other site then there is no surety it will be delivered to ultimate person because some time their service is not compatible with the latest technology mobile phone like iphone blackberry and other

Some time when you free international sms then a receiver have no ability to reply back you coz that site is not offering two way free international sms.

You can use the Two-way SMS by following the very simple process which is mentioned at . So for doing two-way free international sms is not something very difficult to achieve.

If your friends and family members are sitting anywhere, you can communicate with them. You can send them free international sms.

If you are running multinational company having head office in any country then you can communicate with your employees by sending free international sms. Thus by sending free international sms you can update them in a very short time.

Also you can solve the queries of your employees by sending them free international sms instant solutions if they are sitting in field.

Meanwhile your employees can also contact you by simply sending you free international sms if they are crippled in any situation. You can help them out by sending free international sms. It will increase the efficiency of business.