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Branded Sms/ Sms Masking

SMSs are delivered from your brand name instead of any unknown number. Hence, creates 
content authenticity of the message.

User cant forward that SMS with brand name.

Web based solution, globally manageable.

Now send sms with your company name instead of any unknown number. This enables reader to trust the content of your SMS. In other words, we call this "SMS on letter head". The response rate of branded sms is way far better than sms from ordinary number. Since this type of sms is generated with SMS gateway and direct connectivity with Teleco SMSC the speed is generally very good i.e 20 - 30 SMS per second compared with 8 SMS per minute from normal sim.Branded SMS generally better suits for commercial organization where reliability of the 
content really matters. Second most important reason to use branded sms is ?its not forwardable i.e. if you receive sms from the header "SMS Roaming" and you forward that sms to someone with or without any change, the sms will be forwarded from your number instead of SMS Roaming header.

Key Benefit of Branded SMS:

-Fixed Sender ID

-Great broadcasting speed

-Can be monitored and managed globally

-Easy web utility

-No Hardware/Software required

-Quick and most effective way to reach your customers, employees and vendors in no time.