Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use SMSRoaming? 
The main benefit of using smsroaming instead of your network provider is the cost saving. With smsroaming every message costs few cents, no matter whether or not you're roaming or which country you are sending the message to. In addition to this, we are able to deliver messages to over 700+ networks in over 200+ countries, far more than the majority of mobile network providers. 

Will the SMS come from my phone number? 

How do I send SMS through SMSRoaming from my mobile handset? 

Now you can send SMS to your contacts from mobile as well instead of logging on Website or mobile or Desktop application.

You must add your contacts and groups in your account first.

  1. You add your contacts and make groups in your Inbox.
  2. Now you want to send sms to your contact from Mobile.
  3. write sms<space><First Name of Contact><space><Message> and send to SMSRoaming number from Your mobile.
  4. You want to send sms to your group.
  5. write smsg <space><Group Name><space><Message> and send to SMSRoaming number from Your mobile.


  1. sms john how r u buddy?how is Canada?    -------->   john is the contact which you added in your account.
  2. sms christina Love you baby :)                         ---------> christina is the contact which you added in  your account.


  1. smsg friends how r you guys?i'm having fun in Queensland       --------->  friends is the group which you created in your account.
  2. smsg family how is everyone?i'm missing you all.                         ----------> family is the group which you created in your account.

Just write help and send sms to SMSRoaming number and you'll get sms with all the formats.

Does the application change any settings on my phone? 
No, our mobile applications are completely separate from the rest of your phones software. You can still send SMS in the normal way or through smsroaming by using our application instead of your handsets built-in application. 

Will the application work on my handset? 
Yes, we have made the following mobile application for your needs:

  1. Blackberry Application
  2. IPhone Web Application
  3. Windows Mobile Application
  4. Symbion Application
  5. Android Application
  6. J2ME Application for all other mobile handsets 

We'll recomend you to use our WAP Portal for sending sms.

In addition to this, your phone must be configured for Internet access; this should be preconfigured on your handset. 

How much does it cost to use the Inter-net on my phone? 
The smsroaming WAP portal is especially designed to send the smallest amount of data possible through your network. Sending a single SMS uses about 1kb of data which even when roaming abroad will typically cost less than 1c (charged by your network operator), making the total cost for the SMS just few cents. Please check with your network provider for exact costs. You can also use WIFI if your handset supports it, or send messages from this website without incurring this data charge or from Desktop application. We are not responsible for data charges of your mobile company.

Can I send concatenated (long) messages? 
Yes , you can send message up to 300 characters (2 individual SMS) in length. 

Do you support sending to multiple numbers? 
Yes, you can send a message to up to 30 different numbers simultaneously in the form of group from your mobile or WAP portal or our mobile application or website or Desktop application.

Can I send messages to short code numbers? 
Short codes are usually 5 or 6 digit network specific numbers which are charged at a premium over standard SMS. Due to the international nature of this service and our unified pricing structure, it is not possible to send SMS to these numbers through smsroaming. You should continue sending messages to these numbers directly through your network provider. 

Do you support Unicode (Arabic, Chinese etc.) messages?